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Just a Generalist.
(last updated 2018) Please request for detailed project management and strategic analysis documents.


ITU News

The ITU is the leading agency for ICTs to the United Nations

ITU News is a source for ICT news and policy trends. Pulled together products of the customer experience from multiple departments and technologies. Coding, designing, training and business planning as needed. Full documentation available on request.


Noncommunicable Diseases

WHO Initiative to use mobile technology to combat Non Communicable Diseases

Standard investigative processes with strategic analysis, stakeholder research and iterative design. Full documentation available on request. Front end development in HTML, CSS, Javascript & PHP for MySQL, visual design, typography & motion animation in Adobe After Effects

Sustainable Development

Initiative to bring together ITU, WHO, FAO, UNESCO & UNICEF to build collaborative product development platform for BOP users.

Business requirements & anlaysis- visual design only using Adobe Suite. Slightly assymetrical design with futuristic UI illustrations and using BOP users emotions as core of identity



Trying to figure out how to bring a personality to A.I. interaction through color psychology and a theory of using programmed learning with Bayesian inference and reinforced learning.

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Pet Box Company

Start-up dedicated to binging the most innovative e-commerce platform to pet owners.

Strategic analysis, competitive strategy, visual design & digital strategy.



100 Year old Hotel in central London with several branches still stuck with paper

Digital strategy (e-commerce), competitive analysis, management consulting, UX design, visual design, financial analysis & more.


Innovation Policy

The ITU is the leading agency for ICTs to the United Nations

Strategic modelling innovation policy service- visual design across branding, typography, front end web UI design, product pitch presentations and more.




Saptarshi Masid (You can call me Sap if you want)

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